Rhassoul Clay, also known as ghassoul clay or Red Moroccan Clay, is a reddish-brown cosmetic clay that originates from Morocco. This nutritious mineral clay has been traditionally used in Morocco for skin and hair care. Red Moroccan Clay is a highly regarded beauty product, due to its strong purifying and cleansing abilities and therapeutic benefits. 

Benefits for Hair

  • Red Moroccan Clay cleanses the hair, without depleting protective natural oils from the hair and scalp. It gently cleanses and conditions your hair, leaving it moisturized and soft after washing.
  • Rhassoul Clay soothes the scalp, due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It reduces dryness and flakiness and provides relief from dandruff and psoriasis.
  • It removes surface oil, unblocks clogged scalp’s pores, and creates the optimal environment for healthy hair growth.
  • Due to high mineral content, this clay eliminates the need for deep conditioning after washing hair. It acts as a detangler for natural hair and helps define and soften waves and curls.

Rhassoul Clay Mask

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  • Approx 3 yrs.