Bentonite Clay is formed by volcanic activities and was first found in Fort Benton in the USA.  This is a great therapeutic clay that may be consumed for detoxing and revitalizing the entire body or applied topically to cleanse and detox the skin and hair.

Bentonite Clay is highly absorbent and has a strong attraction to positively charged chemicals, toxins, and impurities. This property makes it perfect for cleansing and detoxifying skin and hair.

Benefits for Hair

  • It thoroughly cleanses the hair and takes away product buildup, excess oil, dirt, and everything bad from your scalp and hair. It won’t dry out hair if used properly.
  • High levels of mineral elements, such as calcium, silica, iron, and potassium, help condition the hair and combat hair loss.
  • Bentonite Clay makes detangling easier, reduces frizz, increases curl definition, imparts shine, and makes hair more manageable.
  • Good for LOW porosity hair! Which means hair does not easily allow moisture in and out. Hair is more prone to product build up and hair may feel habitual dryness. 
  • Hair porosity hair this will cause damage because it is to strong please see the other two lighter clays for purchase. 

Bentonite Clay Mask

  • There will be no returns. If something happens to products please send a photo within 3 business days and I will resend bottles with product in it. This is to ensure that we stasify our customer. Also, we want to ensure you get what you need out of our products.  

  • Approx. 3 years.