• Ta'Mera Miller

SweetTee's Hair Tip Tuesday!!

Hair Tip Tuesday is a thing I created to spread knowledge about how to maintain and care for your hair in the proper way. I have successfully grown my own hair out in a healthy way using my own products. I want to be able to show the world that it is possible to have healthy growing hair from products produced out of someone's home. Also from products that are 100% natural. In my videos I will be featuring a lot of my products and show you first hand how they work. I will explain the benefits and the proper way to use them. Being able to see the benefits and witness the magic is totally different from me telling you about them or showing photos. So stay tuned every Tuesday night for SweetTee's Hair Tip Tuesday episode. Here's a behind the scenes first hand look.

-Thank you,

Ta'Mera M. SweetTee's Hair Care LLC. owner